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Eco ethno villages of the Dalmatian hinterland

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Far from the main roads and cities, where there is still a preserved environment, and man lives in harmony with nature, there are eco ethno villages. These are places where man returns to his roots, land and nature, and stress becomes a thing of the past. You can taste homemade ingredients, fruits, vegetables, homemade specialties or bread.

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In recent years, there are more and more of them in the Split-Dalmatia County, both in the coastal and Zagorje part, and on the islands. Visitors can also enjoy excursions on bicycles or horses, in various forms of active tourism such as rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, sport fishing, but also in agricultural work and the collection of medicinal plants.
So far, about thirty ethno-eco villages on the islands, in the coastal and Zagorje part, have been arranged in our county, and we point out some of them:

1. Ethno eco village Škopljanci - a family estate in which old stone houses have been restored in order to preserve the original shape, respecting the tradition and architecture of the region. It also contains two Dalmatian taverns, an ethnographic museum, a museum for a bull, strads, tasting rooms, a fireplace, a smokehouse. We can freely say that this is the most famous tourist complex of its kind in Dalmatia. This eco ethno village also has a mini zoo with domestic animals and a bio organic garden.

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2. Ethno eco village Grabovac - located near the town of Imotski. The Grabovac family wants to present its guests with a gastronomic offer that includes brandy, white and red wines, donuts, prosciutto, pancetta, young cheese, cilantro beer with beer, grilled beer, various pastries, lamb and goat on the spit and traditional cakes from this area. This eco-ethno village offers horseback riding, cycling, bowling and many other activities.

3. Rural household Buljan - is located in the municipality of Zmijavci, 8 kilometers south of Imotski. At the rural household you can try three different white wines, baked bread, homemade prosciutto, cow cheese, various types of brandy, homemade specialties under the baking lid (veal, lamb, chicken), grilled dishes with various vegetables from your own garden. Bicycles can be rented at a rural household and taken on macadam roads along the Vrljika River, or you can head towards natural phenomena, Red and Blue Lakes, which are about ten kilometers away from the household.

4. Rural household "Podstrana" - is located in the municipality of Hrvace, the pearl of the Dalmatian hinterland, which abounds in many sources of drinking water, the clean river Cetina and many natural benefits. The family produces their own drinks, homemade wine, cherry brandy, walnuts, apples. Also, within the Carpe Diem association, sports activities are offered: cycling, paintball, paragliding and canoe safari on the Cetina.

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