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Tastes of the Mediterranean on a plate

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In Split, experience the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine in many excellent restaurants, taverns, pizzerias, taste top quality cheeses in cheese bars, treat yourself to a culinary or eno-gastro organized tour.

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When you are in Dalmatia, act like Dalmatians! Choose your favorite fish or seafood dish or treat yourself to a rich meat specialty with a glass of Dalmatian wine. If you are in Split or the surrounding area, do not go without tasting at least some of these dishes:

1. Black risotto - they say whoever tries it once, loves it in the long run. Black risotto is an original Dalmatian dish and was named after the cuttlefish ink that turns it black. It has an intense taste and will delight all those who love fish specialties. This dish is a blend of fresh cuttlefish from the Dalmatian sea and olive oil from the coast.

2. Pasticada - although Dalmatia is known for its fish specialties, Dalmatians also prepare excellent meat dishes. Pasticada is prepared from beef or veal. This dish has several stages of preparation. In the first stage, the meat is aged in a marinade of flavored vinegar. In the second stage, the meat is fried in one piece. In the third, it is sautéed in a sauce drizzled with wine and prosecco, with the addition of dried fruit, most often plums and many spices, such as cloves, nutmeg, bay leaf and pepper. It is served with homemade gnocchi.

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3. Grilled fish - a traditional way of storing fish on the Adriatic. The fish, which is dried from excess moisture, is placed on the grill of previously very heated grills, and during roasting it is coated with rosemary and olive oil.

4. Peka- peka is a traditional method of cooking, most often octopus and lamb, under a metal dome that is covered with embers. The dish is slowly baked under the dome and retains all the flavors and aromas.

5. Oysters and mussels - a powerful natural aphrodisiac. Seafood is present in Mediterranean cuisine, and is served immediately after extraction from the sea and is seasoned only with lemon juice.

6. Prosciutto - the most famous and most respected Dalmatian cured meat product. It is eaten both on everyday and festive occasions. Gastronomic specialty created by drying in smoke and bura meat of the hind legs of pigs. Due to its specific taste and unusual way of obtaining, it is considered one of the most original products of Croatian cuisine and thus has become an unavoidable part of the tourist, catering offer of Dalmatia and the whole of Croatia.

7. Brudet - a more complex version of fish soup that is prepared from several types of fish and some seafood.

8. Viška, forska and komiška bread - three Dalmatian cakes, which stand side by side and still delight and feed fishermen, their families and guests with their taste. The simplest of them is surplus bread, stuffed with stewed onions and salted fish such as sardines or anchovies, the next is Komiška, which also contains tomato sauce, while forska is the richest, because it also contains sheep or goat cheese.

9. Sinj arambašići - a traditional dish of the Sinj region that is usually prepared for the celebrations of the Sinj Alka, Our Lady of Sinj, Christmas and New Year. They are on the list of protected intangible cultural assets of the Ministry of Culture of Croatia.

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